PocketVJ Exhibition

The new standard for creative installations and performances.

You are the unique artist with the great ideas,
I deliver you the toolbox to make them reality!

Create an interactive art installation while triggering videos with the included motion detector, attach buttons to trigger videos, upload new content from home over the internet, record your light-show and play it together with an audio track, trigger videos with a midi keyboard, remote control your setup with TCP, UDP, OSC, Midi, DMX, ArtNet or with your web-browser, schedule functions like powering on/off a video projector, create an awesome video mapping installation, play a slideshow, sync multiple players together, mirror your laptop screen.... and much more features to create your own individual piece of art.

Due its small size, opensource architecture and its outstanding reliability and flexibility
the PocketVJ Exhibition gives you unprecedented freedom in creativity.

See below videos for more information.