The pocketvj started in early 2014.
As an artist I had the opportunity to build a seasonal projection mapping installation onto a historic building.
After searching for small, robust, reliable and syncable media players with advanced functions,
I decided to build them by myself, pocketvj v.0.1 was born.

The first units where printed on a open-source 3d printer and the wood packing was made on a hacked laser cutter,
which took hours to build, test and ship one single player.

Several fully automated projection mapping shows, creative installations and updates later, 
many artists, technicians, theaters and galleries started to use the pocketvj for their production.


The core software, assembly, documentation, tutorials, design and support is made by me, here in Biel/Bienne.
The metal case is produced and painted in cycling distance to my place,
The electronics are designed and produced in India,
The package is built in an Asian country, next batch should come from Switzerland too...
The concept, freedom and flexibility comes from sharing good moments with good people.

Professors in economy and  entrepreneurs advised me to create separate licenses for each function,
to create a mobile phone app, meaning to collect data of my clients (which is you) for someone else.
However, I did not follow their advice, every update is free for all users, since years.

Think about where your money goes.


The long term goal is to sell enough units to pay rent/living cost for a place
where its possible to plant food and hear birds sing.

A bicycle tour around our continent might get real in 2022 ;)
(Hopefully with working navigation on my #Linux_Phone....).

You reached the point where you made me curious about your projects,
what are you creating with the pocket sized multimedia player today?